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Dienstag, 23. August 2011

(My) Digital Planning Basics - Miami Ad School Guest Lecture

Yesterday I gave a guest lecture on digital planning at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg. It was part of the "Planning-Bootcamp-Program" that teaches a hand full of smart students "how to become a planner" in just a couple of weeks.

The curriculum featured many ultra-experienced planners like Neil Perkin. So I decided to focus on some practical tipps the students can use to enhance their ideas and final presentations.

We have practiced a creative technique to build ideas faster. Then we have looked into some websites/tools that might inspire their research. And finally I suggested to the students, to think in "business plans" for their digital ideas to be more convincing to their clients.
And if you like my "Idea Business Plan Canvas" - you can download it HERE.

These are my slides. I'am looking forward to your feedback :-)

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