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Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

"DieEhrlichen.com" - A little status update on my #transmedia project including our application for EU-funding.

In November 2010 director Jan Schütte and I have started "DieEhrlichen.com" (German for 'The Honest') - our experimental transmedia plattform and actors lab.

Basically we try to build a network of fictional video-blogs interacting with each other an die audience first and want to spread out our characters/stories then into other media-forms form facebook to cinema. 

This was first post describing our initial idea: http://creativeglasses.posterous.com/starting-a-transmedia-storytelling-experiment

Since then a lot of great things happend: 

We have earned a lot of great feedback online and on film conferences in Cologne and the Digital Film Camp during the Berlinale in Berlin. 


We had also the pleasure to host two workshops for actors and writers who like to join the project in Hamburg. Although the video below is in German it will give you some insight into the creative spirit of our Workshops. A workshop for Berlin is already planned.


Now we have about 10-15 well known German actors and writers who are building new characters and stories for the web. Some of them are already online. Others are in the try out phase. And the whole team is constantly posting and discussing ideas in our secret facebook-group. 


Last year Jan and I just wanted to do something about digital storytelling. Now we fell, that we are at the edge of creating a real movement among professional actors that might spread across the european borders. 

And with that we are facing new challenges: More than ten highly creative people are far more acive and productive than our time planning estimated. Sometimes we aren't able to follow every discussion and idea that is coming from the writers and actors. 

But the biggest challenge is technology. We started the project with a word-press blog as our central entrance into the project. It was fine to start the project. Now it is like a static, time consuming monster that is not able to display the interactions between our fictional characters - that the creative team is thinking of. 

Therefore we have applied for First Motion Funding. First Motion is an EU funding programm for transmedia production. It offers 30.000 € and we hope to get this money to build a new website for the project. 


The Call for Papers ended last week. Every free minute I had over the last month went into this application. Now we have to wait for the decision. And even if we don't win the funding: writing the application helped us to understand our own ideas better and encouraged us to go forward with the project with or without funding. 

So now we decided to make our application puplic: We hope to inspire other transmedia producers with our ideas and every feedback would be great. (And please don't steal!)




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