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Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

The Concept of Creative Strategist/Consultant

Sometimes small pieces of information leverage a great insight. Like this chart from @daniseuba I found on colectivo planner.

It pretty much describes how I would describe my passion and profession - that lies somewhat between storytelling (narrative) and planning and creation.

About a year ago I draw a slightly similar picture to describe my thinking:

Basically the notion of experience is the only thing I miss in @daniseuba's chart. A Creative Director as well as a Creative Strategist should always strive for an experience instead of a concept. I'am that picky because I believe words matter. In Advertinsing as well as in Entertainment we create more and more "Emotional Software" - So I pledge for a more emotional language. Talking about experiences helps me to think human centered and beyond channel silos.

I like to think of the Creative Strategist as an "Experience Writer" (similar to a Screenwriter in Hollywood). Someone who commits his emphatic potential to produce a script that offers a framework for other Creatives to fully express their craft.




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