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Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

Great Ideas on the thing you should not call #SocialMedia by @faris

My Abstract:

Faris Yakob, Chief Technology Strategist of McCann, talks about social media. His offers some very insightful thoughts:

  • Social Media is not a good term to describe the phenomenon, because every media is social and the term 'media' triggers the wrong associations in the brain's of advertisers: 'Media is a place to put ads' instead of a social place with new rules.
  • Marketeers should not talk so mutch about plattforms. They should look at the emerging cultural practices connected to these plattforms.
  • Social Communication is not so mutch about sharing messages. It is more about fostering relationships.
  • The simple truth: If you want to communicate socially - try to be nice. Release control about messages and brands and start to listen.
  • Communities already exist. Why trying to create new ones?
  • The Holy Grail of Marketing: Create Social Objects - 'The key is to produce something that both pulls people together and gives them something to do. After that you can controll their conversation to benefit from their interest". People want to hang out and talk about something.
  • Be radical tranparent - Every lie will blow up on the web.
  • Join the Conversation with Consumers.
  • In Short: Listen, Respond, Nuture, Create Social Objects, Be Transparent, Join the Conversation.

TNX for these great insights.

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